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Build Your Two Pup Leash

Climbing Rope Dog Leash Coupler
Custom Two Dog Leash
Two Dog Climbing Rope Leash
Climbing Rope Two Dog Leash, Coupler - Just Pet Products

Climbing Rope Two Dog Leash, Coupler

Tired of walking your pups on separate leashes and dealing with ropes tangling at ever sniff? The two dog leash is the prefect solution. Turn your single leash into a double with the Coupler attachment, or custom build your perfect two-pup leash. Everything is handmade after ordered and completely customizable. Choose from any ropes currently listed in my shop (see Leash Collection). 

  • Swivel: Choose between the 'Standard' which is meant for smaller or well behaved walkers, and the 'Professional' which is 30kN rated (6,700lbs of force) and ready for the biggest, baddest pullers out there. 
  • Coupler: The coupler is just the attachment (swivel down to the clips), which your existing leash can be clipped on to. Note that a carabiner will be required for the 'Professional' swivel. Length is for each attachment (e.g., 1ft coupler = 1ft for each attachment).
  • Handle (+$20-25): purchase an attached handle (+$20, will be sealed to the swivel), or detached handle (+$25) which will include a 12kN rated carabiner. The detached handle can also be used as a separate short/traffic leash for one pup.
  • End Clips: For the swivel to work properly, the end clips also need to swivel (rotated 360 degrees). For this reason, the Lobster or Standard clip are the only recommended clips. 
  • Clasp Covers: All ropes are sealed with the same metal clasps, though you can select complimentary thin rubber covers to go over the metal clasps. See listing photo for reference.