Red Stone Climbing Rope Leash - Just Pet Products
Red Stone Climbing Rope Leash - Just Pet Products
Red Stone Climbing Rope Leash - Just Pet Products
Climbing Rope Slip Lead
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Red Stone Climbing Rope Leash

Every leash is custom and handmade after ordered. Choose the perfect length, clip, clasp covers and/or add a Traffic Handle for your pup.  If you don't see an option that you're looking for, please contact me.  Given everything is handmade to order, customizations are welcome!

  • Length: Typical lengths are 4ft to 6ft, though choose what works best for you. The handle is included in the total length. 
  • Clip: Choose from the Standard, Lobster, 12kN rated (smaller) locking carabiner, or 24kN rated (larger) locking carabiner (see listing photo for reference).  
  • Covers: All products use the same metal clasp to seal the ropes. You may choose a complementary clasp cover in the color that works best for you. If you would like to purchase additional color options or back-up covers they are available in the Accessories Collection.
  • Traffic Handle (Optional, +$10): Looking for added control on your walks? The traffic handle is a great training tool, keeping your pup closer in high traffic/stimulant situations. Default placement of the traffic handle is at the base of the leash. If you would like the placement higher up, please make note in the comment box at checkout (see listing photo for reference). 
  • Slip-Lead (Optional): Slip-leads are meant for casual and well-behaved walkers. It slips over your pup's head and tighten when pulled (see listing photo for reference).
  • Other: All leashes include a complementary metal O-ring for the handle. This O-ring is meant as a functional accessory for your poop bag holder, keys, or to clip the end of your leash to while not on your pup. If you'd prefer to not have the O-ring, please just note at checkout.  
  • Weight: Climbing ropes are highly efficient in strength to weight. For reference, a 4ft leash will weigh ~8 ounces. The traffic handle adds ~3 ounces.