Frequently Asked Questions

Why is professional climbing rope perfect for leashes?

We've written a short blog post to discuss the benefits of climbing rope, and why this strong and highly durable material makes for such amazing dog leashes. 

What is meant by 'recycled' or 'upcycled' rope? 

We handmake our leashes and collars from both new and recycled professional climbing rope from the top brand names on the market. There are a number of factors that may cause a climber to "retire" his/her rope. These factors can include age, the amount of use and/or the amount of wear. Once retired, the rope remains extremely strong and perfect for repurposing (e.g., dog leashes!)  

Many of our recycled or upcycled ropes have never been used or have been used for only a couple of climbs. To learn more about recycled rope, check out our blog post

Where do you source our professional climbing rope? 

We source our rope from across the U.S. from individuals and outdoor adventure companies that carry the best professional climbing rope brands on the market (e.g., Sterling, BlueWater, Mammut, etc). We constantly keep an eye out for awesome new patterns that'll make your pup the envy of the dog park, so keep checking back to see our new inventory! 

How is recycled/upcycled climbing rope cleaned?

We clean all of our recycled climbing rope in the same way recommended by professional climbing enthusiasts. We hand wash each rope, using a non-aggressive detergent that won't damage the polyamide rope fibers and leaves no residue. The rope is then air dried and prepared for cutting.

Why don't you post videos of baby Bentley being cute? 

Sorry about that... 

What's the right length of dog leash for my pup? 

While we custom make all of our leashes, the two most commonly purchased lengths for dog leashes are 4ft and 6ft. 

  • 4 feet: Great when needing better control of your pup, keeping him/her a bit closer
  • 6 feet: Standard length for walks and training. Do you like taking your pup for a jog or run? Stick to a longer leash to allow for some slack 
  • Custom: We do keep enough inventory on hand to cut a custom length for our customers. We've had custom orders from 2ft to 35ft - just contact us!

Do I need a carabiner upgrade? 

Sure! Why not? They look cool, they're functional, they go with the theme of climbing rope. We offer two types of carabiner upgrades:

  • Small: These are non-professional grade carabiners that are ideal for small to medium sized dogs (~35lbs or smaller). We offer 5 color options 
  • Large: These are professional grade carabiners that are ideal for medium to extra large dogs

Why do you include a metal ring around the leash handle?

The metal ring provides an easy and efficient way to clip your keys, poop bag container, etc. to your leash. Like to go for a run with your pup? We recommend clipping a carabiner to both the metal ring and your clothing. Like to quickly loop your leash around a pole or tree while you run in the cafe for a coffee? Again, quickly use a carabiner/clip with this metal ring. 

Are Just Pet Products leashes meant for small dogs? 

We have leashes for all sized pups! Certain rope (e.g., thicker diameter) are best suited for medium to extra large dogs, while others can be used perfectly well with the little guys too. We're happy to help you think through which ropes would work best for your pup - just email us or use the chat box at the bottom right corner of the screen!  

How do we choose the animal shelters to fundraise for?

There are so many great shelters and rescues out there! We're always looking for great recommendations from our customers. Do you know a great local animal shelter we should contact? Just email us:

Why does Just Pet Products use metal clasps?

Apart from looking cool (we think so at least!), the metal clamps Just Pet Products uses are much stronger than those used by others (e.g., tape, screws, plastic clamps). We spent quite a bit of time evaluating various clamps for our products. (1) Tape is not very reliable, often ripping over time, (2) screws damage the integrity of the rope and, to us, are not esthetically pleasing, and (3) plastic rope clamps are extremely cheap, unreliable and are mass produced from overseas suppliers