What Inspired Us?

Looking for something we felt passionate about to start a business around, we just looked down at our wagging tail bud, Bentley. We wanted to make cool, creative products but also do good by helping out great animal shelters to help others adopt as we did with Bentley. 

We hand make, high quality products from our home in San Francisco, CA. We individually source materials, focusing on top brands and cool colors and patterns, from across the USA for companies and individuals that sell premium dynamic climbing rope. While it may just look like a cool rope, this same rope is used by professional and recreational climbers all over the world, who trust their lives in the quality of this rope. 

We scout out great local shelters that could benefit from a new avenue of fundraising. Our goal is to slowly grow our business and support dozens of local shelters in the process. Please sign up for our newsletter to follow our progress as we grow!